This is us!  Gypsy and Miles are our training partners.  
Gypsy is ready
to go already!
Multnomah Falls near
Multnomah Falls trail...11
switchbacks to the 611
foot top
A rest area on highway 84
A waterfall along the trail in the Boise
Nice running trail in Boise
Miles after the race
He missed me!
Two wild burros on our run near Lake
Pleasant AZ
Gray whale on the
Klamath River...WOW
Pacific Coast Trail
River Gorge Area Washinton/Oregon
trail snack?  
Banana Slug
When is Thanksgiving?  
Wild turkeys in Michigan
Lakeshore Trail in
Kalamazoo River
Trail...50 miles if
you want it
Turnaround D AVE...a
personal message for
Dave on our run
Kal-Haven trail in Michigan
South Dakota much more then corn fields.
Dismal Swamp Run, Virginia
Ocean City, MD Boardwalk run, short and very
humid but fun!
Washington DC run, flooded and we stayed
in hotel room.  The dogs liked the bed
picture ever!
on all packages